“Welcome to Cancerland” is a series by Brianna Barrett (WeirdSoundingVoice) documenting her journey with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. This is not Brianna’s first YouTube undertaking. Her channel is also home to cartoon animation videos she started with, followed by a few road trip videos and a series of videos in which she and her friends play the board game “Life” while discussing different aspects of the day to day game of life. Brianna’s “journey to the center of Cancerland” began with a biopsy the day after Christmas; the first “Welcome to Cancerland” video was posted January 25, 2013, soon after her diagnosis. 
Brianna is a natural vlogger. She is at ease and honest in front of the camera in a way that makes viewers feel that they are seated across from her at the dining room table; the middlemen of camera and screen are almost forgotten. She hides nothing from her viewers. Her fear and her tears are both present and she often takes her viewers right along with her to bone marrow tests and chemo treatments. Tears are never what we are left with though. Brianna is absolutely hilarious. Be it jokes about gifts of flowers and medical marijuana or quotes like "The upside is I haven't shaved in three weeks and I have no armpit hair. Just sayin." The humor is endless and we laugh along with her.

Brianna in a nutshell: witty, honest, inspiring.

And if you still need convincing: “Conveniently having cancer also makes people really want to give you presents. Which is probably the best part of having cancer. By a fairly significant margin.”



03/26/2013 9:57am

Beautifully said.

Gordon Barrett
03/26/2013 10:23am

Wonderful work well worth watching

10/02/2013 12:46am

Great blog, I'm great I found Weebly!

10/17/2013 12:09am

Awesome! nicely done.


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