With the incredible success in the Domino alpha tests, everyone in the digital media field is dying to learn more about Domino and how it could revolutionize the field as we know it. And of course, we are all eager to see what it was about the town of Sanditon that stood above the thousands of applicant partner communities.

WIWM got the chance to chat with Gigi Darcy about what we can be expecting from the Domino beta test and what to look forward to about the lively town of Sanditon, CA.

A First Look Into the Domino Beta Test

WIWM: I know your team had many applicants for this partnership. What was it about Sanditon that stood out?

Gigi: A lot of factors went into our choice, I can say that the enthusiasm we got from, Sanditon, especially their mayor was a big part of why they stood out. The application and supporting material were just amazing, and gave the picture of a real up-and-coming, exciting place to be. It was just what Pemberley Digital was looking for.

WIWM: I can’t wait learn more about it! How are you adjusting to Sanditon?

Gigi: Well, I haven’t arrived yet, but I'll be there soon and I'm super-excited to be spending my summer there. I'm staying at the most adorable B&B and I think it'll be a really fun time, when I'm not busy running the beta test, of course.

WIWM: Sorry! I didn’t realize you were still in San Francisco. Will it be hard to be away from everything there?

Gigi: I hope not. I’ve got enough to keep me busy over the summer that I don’t think I’ll have time to miss anybody.  Not only am I in charge of this beta test, but I’m in the middle of applying to grad school. So, no pressure!

WIWM: Wow. That’s definitely a lot to take on. Just a few months ago you were on Lizzie’s videos, and you then ran the Domino demo, but how does it feel to be heading this whole project now?

Gigi: It’s exciting . It's an enormous vote of confidence from William. I’m a Darcy, and it’s my family’s company, so it's important that I find my place there, and help to give back to the company and the people who have given me so many opportunities.

WIWM: What were you doing at Pemberley prior to this project?

Gigi: I started as a graphic designer—and occasional tour-guide—but William and I have been talking quite a lot about finding just the right place for me at Pemberley. Post-grad school, of course.

WIWM: Obviously you were born into a family that worked in this field, but what sparked your personal interest in digital media?

Gigi: I just love how digital media can bring people together.

WIWM: Back on the topic of Sanditon, has Domino been released in the community yet?

Gigi: It’s being rolled out right now! We’re hoping to get access into the hands of the larger community very soon.

WIWM: What is Pemberley Digital hoping to achieve through this project?

Gigi: We call Domino a “Life-Revealing Application.” So we’re very interested in seeing how that works with a larger network of people.  In the alpha test we only had three—well, four—users, with the potential for so many more people to be part of the beta, who knows what could happen?

WIWM: What are you personally most excited about in this partnership?

Gigi: Meeting new people and learning all about Sanditon.  I hear the town is all about health and fitness; maybe I'll take up a new sport!

WIWM: What do your viewers have to look forward to?

Gigi: I’ve been talking with William – at length – about how to do these videos differently than the Domino alpha tests.  The most important thing is that I’m going to Sanditon as an observer. The story shouldn’t be about me.  Now that I have some more experience with Domino and how its algorithms work, I think I’ll be able to handle that.

WIWM: Is there anything you want to share with the readers that I haven’t asked about?

Gigi: Just that we want all Sanditon residents to join us as part of this beta test.  The more voices we have, the more we'll learn.

WIWM: Alright! Thank you so much for making time to talk with us today!

Gigi: My pleasure! Thanks a lot.

Learn more about Sanditon on their website and their Twitter.
And make sure you're following Gigi on Twitter too!



Megan B
05/06/2013 4:21pm

Looks like it's going to be a really interesting project!
PD is making some really big strides with Domino, and I'll definitely be interested in how this turns out.
Best of luck to all in the beta-testing! :)

Carl W. Goss
05/06/2013 4:42pm

I'm a little confused. Isn't the Sanditon project basically an adaptation of Jane Austen's novel? Are the characters from P & P going to be part of the new version? I guess I'll just have to wait. I take it the format will be the same as P & P.

05/06/2013 5:27pm

Sanditon is a bridge project before they start their next, unannounced-as-of-yet book. Sanditon was written in letter format, so the Domino app is a great way to bridge that with modern technology. Gigi is definitely crossing over, and current guestimates think we'll see Mary too, since Mrs. Parker's youngest's name is Mary and our Mary's boyfriend's name happens to be the same as one of the males in Sanditon. I've been re-watching the series to see if they ever actually called Mary Mary Bennet. The format sounds like it will be more like Gigi's Pemberly videos than Lizzie's.

05/06/2013 6:21pm

Mary's Twitter account gives her name as Mary Bennet.

Doesn't mean they won't use her though, as Gigi and Mary follow each other I think.

05/06/2013 9:28pm

No, "Sandition" was not written in letter format (that's Austen's "Lady Susan" you're thinking of). "Sandition" was left unfinished at Austen's death. Basically all Austen wrote was the set up and characters.

"Welcome to Sandition" replaces the heroine Charlotte Heywood with Gigi. And there may be some other crossover characters. I totally expect Miss Catherine de Bourgh of "The Lizzie Bennet Diaries" to be Lady Denham of "Sandition." But I could be wrong.

I hadn't thought about the possible Eddie = Sir Edward crossover. Could be. But I would lean against it as the characters seem too different.

06/06/2013 5:28am

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